Kool Kit

Primary Control Cooling Circuit Interface

Carlin’s Kool Kit allows you to add air conditioning control capabilities to an existing furnace or boiler with any Carlin primary control.

The Kit’s quality components and competitive price make it the perfect, low cost upgrade (with a Carlin primary control) to “M” type controls



  • Interfaces with any Carlin primary control
  • Terminals C, Y and G connect to cooling equipment
  • Kit includes 40 VA transformer, 120/24VAC
  • Desgined for quick installation
  • Low-cost upgrade to “M” type control, with a high performance Carlin primary

Transformer Input (Primary)

120 VAC, 60 HZ

Transformer Output (Secondary)

24VAC, 60HZ, 40 VA


Control Specifications

Refer to primary control data sheet