The research and development team at Carlin announces the Carlin/SecureHeat System 32 Heating System Monitor.

Developed in conjunction with OnWatch Electronics of New Boston, NH the SecureHeat System 32 is the most comprehensive heating system monitor in the industry. The SecureHeat system monitors your heating system in three ways:

Utilizing the Carlin 50200 microprocessor based CAD cell control – alarm contacts are provided to alert you of a lockout condition.

One or more room temperature sensors alert you to a one zone, no heat situation.

An optional oil tank level sensor will alert you to an upcoming run out problem.

An automated phone dialer is integrated into the SecureHeat System to call either a digital pager or any personal computer you choose. The following outlines the operation of the SecureHeat 32 System.

If you have any questions regarding the SecureHeat package please call the Carlin Technical Hot Line and we will gladly assist you.

Technical Hot Line 1-800-989-2275



  • Can monitor 1, 2, or 3 inputs.
  • Indicates why it is calling with each call.
  • -“0” indicates power-up or “I’m OK”.
  • -“2” indicates low temperature alarm.
  • -“4” indicates burner lockout.
  • -“6” indicates tank level alert.
  • Designed to dial to numerical display pagers or a PC.
  • Notifies when new batter is installed.
  • Periodic “I’m OK” check-in is programmable.
  • Tank level alarms dial separate number.
  • Redials heating system fault alarms every 15 minutes.
  • Redials tank level alerts and low battery alerts every 6 hours.
  • Common alkaline 9-volt batter lasts over 1 year.

Advantages to Service Company

  • Required minimal up-front investment.
  • no expensive receiver or software required.
  • Operates under Microsoft Windows.
  • ID numbers can be account numbers for convenience.
  • Allows more profitable scheduling of deliveries.
  • Dialer can be installed anywhere – no need to extend telephone wiring.
  • Provide complete heating protection to customers.
  • No need for 24-hour office coverage.
  • Ability to monitor customer’s heating systems at all times.
  • Customized labels assure connection with their customers.




Kit Complete
Temperature Sensors 12-Pak
Tank Level Switch
Programming Software Pack.
PC Receiving Package
  • Monitors dial directly to display pagers or PC
  • Be notified of problems wherever you are
  • Keep your freedom
  • Does not require a dedicated telephone line

Monitor Your Equipment Without Being Tied Down

From their equipment … … to your pager