G3B Gas Burner

Power Gas Burner
60,000 to 180,000 BTUH

The G3B is a power gas burner for natural or propane gas completely assembled, using premix combustion and hot surface ignition with flame rectification flame sensing. Converts from propane to natural gas with just an orifice change no conversion kit needed.

  • Simple adjustments of the air shutter and combustion head, set with Carlin’s easy-access screw adjustment.
  • Blower access cover allows full view of blower compartment.
  • Burners use the same air handling parts for all firing rates.
  • Burners use standard components, including Carlin electronic ignitor and standard primary controls.
  • Jacob’s ladder electrode tips for wide spark pattern and reliable ignition.
  • Low-high-low step modulation, using low-and high-fire oil valves and nozzles and butterfly gas valve with motorized air damper. Requires high fire control on boiler by others.
  • Positive ignition, stable operation, and compact flame. Gas pilot ignition for gas/spark ignition for oil.
  • Compact flame for maximum versatility.
  • Insensitive to draft or moderate back-pressure variations.
  • Can operate in forced draft applications up to 0.60 inches w.c. positive overfire pressure.
  • High resistance to pulsation.
  • Excellent performance when tested in appliances that do not use refractory combution chambers.
  • Rugged cast aluminum hoursing.

High fire
6.0 to 11.2 GPH
Low fire 3.5 to 6.5 GPH
High fire 840 to 1,600 MBH
Low fire 490 to 940 MBH
U.S. – No. 1 or No. 2 Fuel Oil and Natural gas or propane

Oil Valves

(2) oil solenoid valves
Fuel Unit
2-Stage, 300 PSIG with internal blocking valve
Gas Train
Two main gas valves & RV-61 or RV-81 regulator, butterfly gas valve for input regulation, 1″ gas train standard, 1 1/4″ , or 1 1/2″
Honeywell RM7895C
Power: 120 vac/60Hz/1-Phase

Li Control Circuit Load (120 vac): 1.2 amps 

Circuit Input (RM7895C Primary): 120 vac/60 Hz

Motor: 1/2 HP, 3450 RPM, 60 Hz, 115/208-230 vac, 1-Phase, 8.4/3.8-4.2 amps

Motor Frame: 48-Frame, “N” Flange

Oil Valve Gas Valve Power: 120 vac/60 Hz

Damper motor with End Switch: Honeywell M436A

Carlin Model 41000 solid state electronic ignition

Ignition Voltage: 14,000 volts

UL Listed: US

City of New York MEA Approval and State of Massachusetts Approval