50212 CAD Cell

Oil Primary Control




Features & Benefits
  Interrupted Duty Ignition
    Recycle on Flame Failure
    Serviceman Reset Protection ( Latch-up after three consecutive lockouts)
    Diagnostic LED’s
    15 Second Trial for Ignition (TFI) Other Timings Available
    1.3 Second Flame Failure response time (FFRT)
    Alarm Contacts
    Thermostat/aquastat Compatible
    SMC (Safety Monitoring Circuit) Technology


Power Input
(Red Wire)
  12 VDC, 1 amp
Limit Circuit Input
(Black Wire)
  12 VDC
Motor Load
  16 FLA, 80 LRA
Ignitor Load
  12 VDC, 5 amps
Alarm Contacts
  24 V, AC/DC, 2 amps
Operating Temperature Limits

+ 32°F to + 140°F

Storage Temperature Limits
  -40°F to +185°F
Thermostat Anticipator Current
  0.2 amp
Cad Cell Resistance with Flame
  R < 1500 OHMS
Wiring Diagram


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