Carlin Combustion Technology, Inc. the industry’s technological leader in oil and gas, residential and commercial burners, controls, and ignitors.

Carlin Combustion Technology burns more than just the midnight oil.

We manufacture oil, natural gas and propane burners, as well as ignitors, controls and related components such as motors, oil valves, circuit interfaces and burner cover kits, for both residential and commercial applications.

Carlin also offers Carlin U professional training sessions on the components, set up, and testing of its residential oil, residential gas, and commercial oil and gas burners.

Carlin has been a leader in the oil heat industry and pioneered many important oil heat technological advancements.  Today, the Carlin team is committed to supporting oil heat professionals by supplying excellent products, training, and technical support.

Why Choose Carlin

The EZ series of advanced oil burners combine proven capability and reliability with Carlin’s line of state-of-the-art controls and high efficiency components.

EZ Burners:

  • Have been thoroughly tested for each OEM application and are available on all of the most popular appliances
  • Are manufactured to precise OEM specifications to optimize appli­ance efficiency and performance
  • Have our Unique Head Bar Positioning System, which provides a true plug-and-play installation experience
  • Are available with sound-dampening burner cover and optional direct air kit
  • Offer the industry’s most complete line of primary controls from 48245 with Smart Ignition to Universal Pro-X 70200
  • Are engineered for smooth light-off and combustion, resulting in Carlin often the quietest burner option on many appliances
  • Advanced ignitors have undergone rigorous engineering and testing to ensure they are the toughest, longest lasting ignitors available
  • Come standard with oil pump containing secondary internal cone valve to provide added shutoff protection
  • Are equipped with high quality PSC Motors that provide required torque while reducing energy consumption
  • Offer an unsurpassed warranty, 5 years on Carlin components and residential burner

Simply put, you’ll get the industry’s best burner with the most advanced components!

Carlin on Your Favorite OEMs!

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