As of this date, Carlin’s Engineering Department is announcing the addition of an isolation relay to be added to all large commercial step-modulating burner packages using the Carlin 60200-02 cad cell control. The isolation relay is wired into the oil valve circuit or the violet wire of the 60200-02 control. The isolation relay is mounted in the same box as the motor contractor, just beneath the motor contractor itself.

The purpose of the isolation relay is to protect the oil valve circuit on the 60200-02 control printed circuit board. Our testing has revealed that in certain applications the amperage draw on the step-modulation damper motor can be excessive and cause overheating of the printed circuit board on the 60200-02 control. Overheating of the printed circuit board may result in a premature control failure. In those rare applications where the combination of incoming voltage fluctuations and high amperage draw on the damper motor caused damage to the 60200-02 controls, the isolation relay proved to prevent a reoccurrence of the problem.

Existing field applications without the relay do NOT need to be retrofitted; however, we are making the engineering change effective immediately on all new commercial burners with step-modulation damper motors.

The isolation relay package includes all of the solderless wiring terminals you will need for a quick, easy installation. The Carlin part number for this isolation relay package is P/N 98225S. For pricing and availability, please contact your local wholesaler. The following wiring diagram details the isolation of the isolation relay.

As always, should you have any questions, please call the Carlin Technical Support Team on the Carlin Technical Hot Line at 1-800-989-CARL (2275).

Technical Hot Line 1-800-989-2275