90524A Triple Limit

Triple Limit / Cold Start

• Easy-wire terminal strip
• Microprocessor-operated (Processor coordinates operation and diagnostic)
• Easy remote sense (Electronic sensor, wired to control)
• Self-checking program (Control locks out on diagnostic failure)
• Diagnostic/status LED’s (LED’s indicate power, call for heat, and lockout)
• SMC Technology on burner relay (Safety Monitoring Circuit) Lockout when welded contact sensed


Limit or Cold-start Control

The 90524 triple limit control provides high limit function and can also provide minimum water temperature control for operating with a tankless heater in a boiler. Function can be turned off by turning Low Limit setting to Off. Low temperature limit to prevent flow through boiler if temperature is below preset minimum for preventing condensation in conventional boilers. Operates as a col-start control when Low Limit is Off. Provides input from zone controller or relays and output to enable circulators. Provides operation of burner/gas valve and heating circulator.



vac, 10 VA, 60 Hz

Control Power


24 vac, 130 mA
High Limit Range
High Limit Differential
Fixed if low limit is used or if differential set point is Off. Adjustable if low limit is turned Off.
Low Limit Range
Adjustable with Off position
Low Limit Differential
Adjustable fixed if differential set point is Off.
Low Temp Function
Low Temp Differential
Temperature ranges Settings
Any value/range between 50-250 degrees
Temperature ranges Differential
Any value/range between 5-100 degrees
Contact Ratings Full Load
Burner, circulator and ZC contacts 120 vac, 10 amps (total current on all contacts not to exceed 16 amps)
Contact Ratings Locked Rotor
120 vac, 60 amps total current on all contacts not to exceed 96 amps
Ambient Temperature
+32 to +140 Degrees
Storage Temperature
-40 to +185 Degrees
Listed US and Canada

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